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Vangelis Mantzolis
Vangelis Mantzolis|| ||

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Test it... Don' t be afraid to fail



A couple of things attracted Vangelis as he considered joining AB Intra Hospitality. One was the opportunity to build AB Intra Hospitality. Another reason was because he believes companies with a strong, active culture are the most successful. It’s not how we work, it’s how we live.
Vangelis grew up in a village in the Pieria Mountains and is from a dedicated family who believes in hard work, leadership and civic involvement. In his opinion hard work never goes unrewarded and no job is ever completely done. Vangelis has been honing his leadership skills from a young age. At age 17, he was promoted to captain of his soccer team, directly responsible for leading 22 players. Vangelis likes to be challenged. He’s a perpetual, lifelong learner, a need that is easily satisfied in the ever-changing hospitality & travel world. Vangelis spends his free time pursuing his outdoor passions: mountain biking hiking and playing football and also listening to music (his favorite radio channel is Martini in the Morning). Vangelis is a proud dad to one terrific son who challenges and inspires him to make the world a better place.
A lot time of working on the farm with his dad and in the winery taught Vangelis many important lifelong lessons. One is,"Do everything with gratitude and humility". His favorite guiding principle is “Lead by example” and “Walk your talk.” According to Vangelis, “this is the most important principle because it speaks to the core of who you are both personally and professionally”

• AB INTRA Hospitality, 2014 - Present
• Possidi Holidays 2014-2015
• Winery C. Papagianni 2013-2014
• TUI Hellas 2000-2013

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